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Unflavoured Nicotine Freebase 100mg

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Unflavoured / Flavourless Nicotine Base. Perfect for dosing Australian purchased zero nicotine eliquids or adding to your next DIY E-Juice creation! This is not to be directly vaped for more information read below

All nicotine base is supplied in a UV proof bottle and sealed to ensure to ensure maximum purity and no spills in transit. Wick & Wire Co NZ strongly advises using DHL for shipping.


Wick & Wire Co NZ sources it's Nicotine from NicSelect™ a vaping-grade, unflavoured e-liquid nicotine produced by Alchem International, an internationally-recognized phytochemicals company with a FDA-approved manufacturing facility. Discerning vaping enthusiasts know that the quality of ingredients in nicotine e-liquids impacts the flavour. NicSelect™ is the most authentic, stable brand on the market today. It has a very faint flavour with a gentle throat hit. NicSelect is used by some of the largest eliquid manufacturers in the world!


Handling and Storage

It is highly recommended that the use of single use gloves and syringes are used to measure and dose your eliquids. When not being used it should be stored away from children and to ensure maximum freshness we recommend keeping in the freezer or cool dark place out of sun light.

How much should i add?

This will depend on the desired strength you wish to dose your liquid. Prior to dosing any liquids you should consult a nicotine calculator. This will assist in determining how much Nicotine is required into your bottle of liquid. Once worked out simply measure with syringe volume of liquid and add to the bottle. Once done replace caps on bottle and shake for a few minutes. It is recommended the liquid is not used for 24-48 hours and given a good final shake prior to use to ensure nicotine has been mixed properly into the liquid.



Nicotine Dangers: Nicotine is highly toxic. Nicotine is very addictive. Always avoid contact with skin. Nicotine is very toxic if swallowed. E-liquid is very toxic to aquatic organisms. Nicotine Safety: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly with water and seek full medical advice immediately. In case of contact with skin, wash immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. If Nicotine is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. In case of an accident, or if you feel unwell, seek full medical advice, and show this information to your doctor or contact poisons information centre Australia on 13 11 26 (The number is also on the bottle)