What is Vaping? How Do I Get Started

Vaping through the use of electronic cigarettes is an alternative to traditional tobacco products. Rather than combustion vaporizers utilize a battery source, heating element, wicking material and eliquid to vaporize a liquid and can create a similar sensation to cigarettes.



  1. E-Juice or E-Liquid is put into a tank, cartridge, RDA or RTA.
  2. A button is pressed which activates a battery attached to the tank.
  3. The battery sends electricity to heat a metal coil wrapped with a wick (Cotton, ceramic etc.) that absorbs the juice.
  4. The metal coil heats up, much like the coil on a stove, and vaporisers the e-liquid, turning the liquid into steam.



Most people are acutely aware of the fact that smoking is bad. Many of us have been directly affected by the outcomes of this within our own families. Some of us (even knowing this) continue to smoke, we understand the risks but continue with the habit and addiction – Vaping is simply an alternative. 



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First, you’ll need some kind of vaporiser! We typically recommend purchasing a kit. These kits can come in all different shapes and sizes and usually everyone can find something to suit their needs.


Most of the vape world can be broken into two categories.


Mouth to Lung (MTL) or Direct Lung (DL)

These categories explain the feel of the inhale on an electronic cigarette and can be helpful to people who have just started out.

Firstly, MTL is much closer to the feel of a cigarette than DL and is restrictive with its airflow (similar to the filter on a cigarette).

DL on the other hand is all hands-on deck! It can vary from feeling slightly more open than a wide open MTL tank to as WIDE as normal breathing!

If you want to look into these devices a little more visit our Australian division. Here we have a huge range of leading vape brands including Kanger, eLeaf, iJoy, and Smok to just name a few.

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Nicotine strength is the most common question we get asked business wide!

How much do I add? … Well there’s no right or wrong, so this question can be hard. So, we’ve simplified the most common strengths that people use dependent on device to make it a little easier.

If you’re using a MTL tank you should be aiming for a nicotine strength between 6mg and 12mg for most modern MTL devices.

If you’re using a DL device you should be aiming for a nicotine strength between 3mg and 6mg.


You may drift outside of these recommendations but if you’re starting out we recommend these ranges to ensure they are easy to use for the device you have.



At Wick and Wire Co we want to make everyone’s switch to vaping to be as smooth as possible and the correct choices of nicotine level can be hard if you’re just getting started but remember the guidelines we’ve mentioned above and if unsure go for the lower end of the strength recommendations and you can’t go wrong.


If you need one on one assistance please do not hesitate to use our contact us form available here.

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