Shipping Details

18/09 - Orders destined for Australia sent with New Zealand Post may no longer enter the country before October 1st from this point on. If you do not have a valid prescription, your order may be confiscated upon entering Australia after the 1st of October. It is up to you, the importer, to ensure that you have the valid paperwork. Confiscated orders are 100%, with zero exception, the importer's (you) responsibility and is at your own risk.



If you're in a lockdown area or area with COVID restrictions, there will be delays outside of both our, and the selected courier's control. DHL estimated delivery dates on their website are inaccurate, they are most likely over quoted.


The Shipping times below may differ due to the pandemic, predictions are currently hard to make accurately.


Do you ship to Australia, how much does it cost and how long will it take?

We sure do! We ship to all states, it costs the same Australia wide. Here are our prices:


Orders under $50

NZ Post Shipping –$10

DHL Shipping - $18

Orders Over $50

NZ Post Shipping  –FREE

DHL Shipping - $18.00

Orders over $150

NZ Post Shipping  –FREE

DHL Shipping  –FREE


DHL: Overnight-4 business days

Fastest international. Rural, PO Box and regional addresses need to add 1-5 days as these are handed over to be delivered by AusPost. These are only estimated time frames. Victorian State Government imposed restrictions will affect times to and from Melbourne and we cannot accurately estimate delivery times. Although both methods are affected by lockdowns, DHL will have less of a delay.


NZ Post: 90% in 4-10 business days. Uninsured and lengthy resolution times.

Very very slow. Rural and regional addresses need to add 1-2 days. Around public holidays and busy periods, add up to 5 business days. Australian rural and regional customer need 1-5 business days due to AusPost. If your state or the state that handles your customs process for vaping products (ie NSW handles QLD for vaping products) is in lock down, recently left lock down or is spiking in cases, please expect further delays. The scan 'Departed New Zealand', 'Awaiting Customs Clearance', 'Delayed" or some form of processing scan can be present for a long period of time if this affects you, we can't speed this up. Expect many weeks for delivery to recently locked down or COVID restricted addresses. This is at the buyers risk. All orders containing nicotine base will leave with NZPost.


How do I track my order?

We send you a tracking link via email after your order has been dispatched however, if this doesn’t work, you can use for NZpost orders and for DHL order


How do I redirect my order?

If your order hasn’t been processed by us, send us an email as soon as possible with your tracking number and your new address and we may be able to help. If your order has been processed (happens very quickly), there is nothing we can do, you will need to redirect it online or contact DHL on 13 14 06, Australia Post on 13 76 78 or NZ Post on 0800 501 501


What do my tracking scans mean?

NZPost International

Ready to send

The paperwork for the shipment has been completed

Picked up

The shipment has been picked up by the NZPost courier from our warehouse in the North Island

Shipping information received

The paperwork has been sent to Australia Post and Australian Customs and has yet to be approved for entry

Processed at outbound depot

The package has been through another sorting facility, due to how close we are to the airport, this is likely the last scan before international departure

Departure from New Zealand

No longer on New Zealand soil, this means that it has left the country but hasn't been checked by customs in Australia yet

Shipping information approved

The paperwork has been checked by both Australia Post and New Zealand Post and has been approved for entry in to Australia

Out for delivery

Your local courier has it onboard and will be delivered today

Attempted delivery

Your local courier has attempted at least once, check for a card in your mailbox or around the door. If you can't find it, call AusPost on 13 76 78

Returning to sender

Oh no, this isn't a great one to see. The package might have been damaged in shipping, the address might have been wrong or the package was rejected at the delivery point

Delivery Complete

The best one! The package is at your specified delivery address


DHL International

Shipment picked up

The shipment has been picked up by the DHL courier from our warehouse in the North Island

Processed at *location*

The shipment has been sorted within a DHL facility

Departed Facility in *location*

The shipment has left the DHL sorting facility

Customs status updated

The shipment has had a change in customs status, generally this means it has cleared successfully. If it hasn't they will contact both the sender and receiver

Arrived at Sort Facility *location*

The shipment has been arrived within a DHL facility

Package or Shipment on hold

Nothing to worry about. This just means that the next stage isn't quite ready yet, that could be the courier for delivery, an international flight or trip in a van

Clearance processing complete at *location*

The shipment has had all of its needed customs checks at this location

Returning to sender

Oh no, this isn't a great one to see. The package might have been damaged in shipping, the address might have been wrong or the package was rejected at the delivery point


The shipment has been redirected by the receiver

Delivery arranged; no further details expected

The shipment has been handed over to the local courier for the final leg of the transit that DHL doesn't support. This is generally regional or rural deliveries

Awaiting collection or Scheduled for delivery as agreed

The shipment has failed delivery at least once and the receiver has advised the preferred method of delivery/collection

With delivery courier

The shipment is on board for the final delivery

Attempted Delivery; Recipient not home

This could be several things, the property wasn't accessible for traffic, parking, animal threat reason or no safe place to drop it and many more reasons. Best thing to do is contact DHL and find out where to collect it or reschedule delivery

Delivery Complete

The best one! The package is at your specified delivery address


What is a business day?

A business day doesn’t include weekends, New Zealand public holidays, North Island regional holidays and Australian public holidays since the package will be travelling through both countries.


What happens if my parcel is lost, missing, returned to sender or something else?

Once a parcel has left our premises we bear no responsibility of the delivery of this item, and the responsibility of the delivery lies solely with the company chosen by the purchaser as the method of delivery, at the time of checkout.

On the odd occasion that a parcel is delayed in transit, there is a process involved which includes us lodging a ticket with the delivery company to find the parcel. Tickets with delivery companies can take 5-8 weeks to be resolved with NZPost or when AusPost are involved. Ticket lengths do not include time before the enquiry ticket started. Generally you can expect up to 1 week with DHL metro and the service is fully insured unlike NZPost. Yet another reason to choose DHL. We ask that you are patient during this time. Until an investigation concludes we cannot refund or resend items and by purchasing from this website you agree to this.

Please be sure to provide the correct shipping address to us, if it is returned due to an incorrect address being provided, shipping costs will need to be covered again in order for the item to be shipped a second time. This is a long process so please ensure that you give us the right details and can collect your parcel or are home to accept it. There is no insurance coverage on the return trip, there will be no tracking and it may take many, many months to return.

We do not know where you live, we rely on your address being inputted correctly. If it does not conform to the couriers valid address standard, it will be returned at your cost by the courier. Click here to read how to write a valid address for Australian Post.

By purchasing from this website, you agree to the terms above and agree that you will not hold the sender responsible for any delays in transit as caused by the delivery company.


How do I cancel or modify my order?

Currently work load is too high, all orders will be processed as ordered. Any change of address needs to be done with the selected courier.


Will customs stop my order to Australia?

Customs should have no reason to stop your order as it is labelled correctly, GST paid and packaged safely. We haven’t had an issue with Australian customs to date. Please check your local laws before ordering.


What countries do you ship to?

We only ship internationally to Australia.