18 December, 2020 6 min read

1. NERVES.Big life changes are scary.

2. GETTING USED TO IT.Changes take time.

3. HABITS. Start developing them.

4. LIKE YOUR PHONE, A VAPE IS ELECTRONIC. Batteries need charging.

5. BURNING OR DRY HITS. Unpleasant but its passes.

6. BE PREPARED TO TEST. Everyone is different.


8. YOU'RE DOING GREAT IF YOU GOT THIS FAR. Don't quit quitting.


    9a: WHILST A LOCAL WICK & WIRE CO STORE IS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE.Understanding shipping times is just as good.

    9b: A GET RELIABLE STARTER KIT.Don't risk it being unreliable.

    9c: PATIENCE FOR TRIAL AND ERROR. It'll take some time to find what is best for you.

    9d: NIC MANAGEMENT.You know have a lot more control.


    10a: SOCIALISING AND HABITS.You may need to look at your triggers.

    10b: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.You got this.

    10c: IN BOTH AUS AND NZ, HEALTHCARE IS RUN BY THE GOVERNMENT.There are free quitting tools.

    10d: AND FINALLY, BE REALISTIC WITH YOUR GOALS. Don't be too hard on yourself.




1. Nerves. Big life changes can be scary, a lot of people are a little anxious when they try vaping for the first time, this is completely normal. You may find that buying online can help alleviate your nerves as you can take your time, research the products whenever you want, don’t have to stand in front of a counter with people talking about what may sound super confusing at first or visit a few times before settling on a product. Others find the attention from staff, personalised recommendations and answers to all of their questions as soon as possible crucial to get started. Our Australian sister stores are open 6 days a week and would love to help you if heading in store is more your jam.


2. Getting used to it. Whilst vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes, the experience is quite different. A cigarette has a start and an end whereas vaping can go on and on. The flavour is different, the feeling in your throat can be different or the amount of cloud could be greater. You’ve got to charge it, clean it, maintain it and most importantly remember to take it with you. We could go on, but you get the point, lots of little nuances and it may sound like a lot, but it only takes a week or so to get on top of.


3. Habits. Develop them, make them work for you and keep them but not all of your old habits have to go. Often people think since they are limiting smoking, they have to limit their vaping, these two weeks are about transitioning. Morning coffee and a durry is your morning routine to get you going? Swap the cancer stick for your vape, simple, easy and delicious. Need a hit? Go take a hit but again, try swap the stick for your vape. Work to keep these habits, avoid triggers, it will be easier after a few weeks.


4. Like your phone, a vape device is electronic. It has a battery and needs to be charged to work. Some have removable batteries, others are built in but the principle remains the same. Keep it charged and it will ready when you are. This may seem like common sense but like above, habits matter. On a side note, the same goes for e-liquid, keep too much on you and keep your tank topped up. This seemingly little tip that goes a long way.


5. Burning or dry hits. These moments aren’t pleasant and likely will happen once or twice as you learn. Keeping you tank full and priming your coil correctly before first use are important skills, take your time to learn them. Never press the button unless the coil is primed and you have juice in the tank, if you dry burn a coil, replace both the coil and the juice instantly.


6. Be prepared to test. There is no rule for nicotine level, we have a guide on where to start here but everyone is different and there are a lot of devices on the market. Get the strength that the guides says is closest to the average for someone like yourself plus either a bottle of nicotine base to make it stronger or one up and one down in strength. Flavours, remember, some foods are sweeter or sourer than others, choose your favourite food (drinks, lollies, dessert, cakes etc) and think if you could handle it all day. Get one flavour that isn’t like the rest, some like that different flavour more than they expect. Often vaporisers come with several different coils in the box, try them all at the different wattage ranges before investing in lots of replacement packets of coils. You will find there is lots to test and play around with, this is the best place to get started to find your base.


7. Your taste will change after quitting smoking. For up to one week afterwards, massive changes will happen. If you don’t like a flavour in the first week, revisit it at a later date. You may be surprised that it will taste quite different.


8. You’re doing great if you got this far. Let’s recap what your body has been through, within 8 hours of your last smoke there is less carbon monoxide and more oxygen in your blood. Within 24 hours your body has removed all excess carbon monoxide. Your lungs are starting to kick up some mucus and toxic debris. Within 5 days you will start to feel better when more water and less flavoured drinks are consumed. At 7 days your taste will be back and re-experiencing flavours. Don’t give up giving up.


9. What you need:

9a: Whilst a local Wick and Wire Co store isn’t possible for everyone, understanding shipping times is just as good.We offer services that are as quick as overnight. Backup juice and backup coils are crucial for these customers who have no option for fast reliable shipping or store visits.


9b: A good reliable starter kit. Talk to your local Wick and Wire Co staff with your needs. Someone who works in an office will have different needs to someone who builds houses. Starting with poor quality devices from unknown manufactures is trap a lot of fall in to. You get your hair cut by a hairdresser, why buy a vape from some random guy at a market stall selling lava lamps and remote control cars?


9c: Patience for Trial and Error. We have said it before and we will say it again, everyone has a different preference. There aren’t main rules and it may take you some time to find your groove. This is normal and perfectly okay, give yourself a chance to find what is right for you.


9d: Nic management. Freebase, Salt, high strength or low. Part of the transition is finding what works for you. Check out our guides here to find your nicotine management groove.


10- Your attitude and Actions:

10a: Socialising and Habits. Having a drink at the pub with your mates might be a trigger for some. Avoiding these until you form habits that involve not having a smoke, avoiding for altering these triggers can help set you off to a great start. It doesn’t need to boring though, take your mates for a burger and a thick shake instead, often the change of environment or activity is enough to kick the habit.


10b: Believe in yourself. You got this in the bag, often the first timers that come to us have people that rely on them. Children, parents, partners, friends, yourself, money saving, whoever or whatever the reason is, believe in yourself and you won’t let them or yourself down. Going into shop or choosing your product online may be scary but all of us started somewhere and at one point in time, we were in your shoes. Read what you can and have confidence to ask about the rest. Remember your reason why and you’re more likely to succeed.


10c: In both Australia and New Zealand, the healthcare is run by the government. They should want you to quit and offer free services like quit coaches or quit lines to call in your time of need. There may be many other resources available to you free of charge, Google ‘quit help Australia’ or ‘quit help New Zealand to find the most up to date information. If you’re still struggling, your local GP can help too.


10d: And finally, be realistic with your goals. Your last smoke may not be the day you get your first vape but your next birthday may be your first smoke free of many more to come. Lots of people take a few months to go from a smoker to an ex-smoker and full-time vaper. This is fine and normal for many people. Some may have a goal to cut down vaping or limit the nicotine, don’t rush into this. Only do so when you feel you aren’t at risk of relapsing.


That’s it, this guide should get you through the first 2 weeks of vaping and set you up for a great journey after that. Don’t forget to ask your Wick and Wire Co store or check our online resources like this for answers to any questions you still have.


Kia Ora!