July 02, 2021 5 min read

So, you’ve read our ultimate guide on what vaping is and how to get started. Now, what’s next? It’s time to put this knowledge to use and purchase your first vape! Keep an eye out for a sprinkling of tips and trick but mainly, we will touch on a few topics including:


1. CHOOSING A VAPE KIT. A breakdown and some options.
2. VAPE JUICE. What flavour is the best.
3. NICOTINE. The main reason you’re here.
    3a: DIY. Buy flavours locally and mix it yourself.
    3b: PRE-MIXED. Less mess, more vaping.
    3c: MORE INFO. Still confused, here is a more in-depth guide.
    4a: SPARE COILS. Saves another wait for shipping.
    4b: BATTERIES. This may not apply to you.
5. IN CONCLUSION. Best of luck on your journey.





1: VAPE KIT:First off, let’s choose the most confusing part. You first vape. This is often referred to as a vaporiser, e-cig, and electronic cigarette amongst many other names. No matter what you call it, there is generally a battery, a place that stores the liquid and a heating element. Some may have other features like screens, buttons or other add-ons. Here are some great starting points to have a look at though:


Zumwalt Pod Vape by Uwell

A great user-friendly option. It has a compact size that can be fully charged in less than an hour. The 1.6ml pod capacity may sound small but this device is efficient on liquid consumption. This device has no buttons or settings to adjust, just inhale through the device and Bob’s your uncle. This device works great for Mouth To Lung vapers (click here for an explanation).


Caliburn G Pod Vape by Uwell

Following on from the success of the original Caliburn and Caliburn Koko, this device brings removable coils for cheaper running costs, 2ml tank size and a larger battery. There may be a button on the front but you can choose whether to press it as you inhale or just inhale and the device will handle it for you! This device works great for Mouth To Lung and for tight but still Direct To Lung vapers (click here for an explanation).


V Suit Pod Vape by Voopoo

Here is where things get a little more technical, there is a big screen and a few buttons. But don’t stress, you can get a hang of it within minutes! The battery is very large at this point to allow you to run your device at a higher wattage for more warmth and vapour production. This device works great for Direct To Lung and for loose but still Mouth To Lung vapers (click here for an explanation).


Kroma Z Mod Pod by Innokin

If a big battery, a huge 4.5ml tank and adjustability are more your style, the Kroma Z may be for you. This device does it all, Mouth to Lung, Direct to Lung and everything in between with the right coils and mouthpiece. Innokin are known for their simplicity in adjustments and clear user manuals.


2: JUICE: So, you have the vape in your cart, what’s next? Let’s get you some liquid, but wait, how do you choose a flavour? Well, some flavours vape really well like doughnuts and others not so like a chicken parma!


Have a think, are you trying to mimic a smoking taste?

Dirty Harry By Not Another Tobacco Salts

Sweet Tobaccocchino by Beard Vape

Other Tobacco Style juices...


What’s your favourite drink?

Grape Soda by Strapped

Cola Shades by Dinner Lady

See more Drinks...


Is fruit your style?

Green Apple by Just Fruits

Wild Berry by Disco Clouds

Check out the fresh produce now...


How about dessert?

Strawberry and Cereal Doughnut by The One

Killer Kustard by Vapetasia

Pick your pastry in our Desserts Section...


Like it cold? Consider a mint, menthol or iced flavour.

Raspberry Ice by Just Fruits

Lemon Lime Chilled by Just Fruits

Let's get frosty...


You’ve found your favourite dessert and your favourite fruit but hang on what about nicotine, I hear you saying. Don’t stress, that’s the next step before adding the liquid to our cart. You’ll find that vape liquid can be referred to as e-juice, e-liquid, flavouring or even just juice in the industry. For the most part, it’s all the same thing!


3. NICOTINE: Well, you have two options, you can grab any flavour you want from our site because all our products have nicotine already added. Alternatively, you can buy liquids locally in Australia from our sister company (found here) without nicotine and add your own unflavoured nicotine.


    3.a: DIY:Let’s get the easy one out of the way, unflavoured nicotine to add to the nicotine-free liquid. Freebase nicotine is the most common and salt nicotine is designed for less throat hit in higher nicotine applications.


    Click here for 100mg Freebase

    Click here for 100mg Salt


    3.b: PRE-MIXED:Now that that’s done, let’s have a look at vape liquids with nicotine already added. You have two main categories, freebase which is generally 3-6mg and sometimes 12mg or salt for lowered throat hit which is generally between 20mg and 50mg. But how do you know which one you need? Most people will use freebase but if you purchased a pod device, then you will likely need salt. These aren’t hard rules but more of a guide.


    3.c: MORE INFO: In our ultimate guide to beginner vaping found here, there is a section devoted to potentially choosing the right strength for you. Everyone’s preference varies from each other, nicotine strengths are no different. You may find you chose the wrong strength at first but don’t throw it away just yet, you can mix two flavours together to lower or raise the nicotine level in the final product. We highly recommend getting at least 2 different strengths in your first delivery to find your sweet spot!


      4: ACCESSORIES AND CONSUMABLES: At this point, we have everything we need to get started and start experimenting! However, if you like being over-prepared, keep reading. Otherwise, good luck and feel free to reach out to us via our contact us page.


        4.a: SPARE COILS:Coils (and some pods) are consumable, once you get a burnt taste or leaking you may need to swap it out. Almost all devices come with multiple in the box to keep you going for a couple of weeks or months. There may also be a handful of variations available, you’ll find that often, in that case, one of each is included in your starter kit. As a guide (but definitely not a hard rule), most coils with a rating above 0.7 ohm will be mouth to lung (similar to a tight cigarette draw). 0.65 ohms and below will generally start loosening up into a direct to lung draw (like a looser shisha type inhale). All our devices have the coils linked in the description for speedy coil matching.


        4.b: BATTERIES: Some mods have removable batteries, these may be rechargeable for 100-200 cycles but having extra batteries and an external charger means no downtime whilst you wait for your device to charge. You can hit up our Australian sister company (here) to buy extra batteries and the charger to suit. At this current point in time, Wick & Wire Co New Zealand cannot offer devices with removable batteries shipped to Australia.


          5: CONCLUSION: And that’s it! There are many, many different ways to vape but generally, a kit is your easiest option without overcomplicating the learning process with things such as crafting your own flavours or winding and wicking your own coils! Our staff are available via email if you need information not found in our guides, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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