December 09, 2019 2 min read

We have been receiving lots of questions around the current news stories coming out of the USA, we would like to address our customer’s concerns and share some facts with them.


Have people been getting sick from vaping? 

The word vaping is used to describe a product that heats up a liquid or solid that has liquid content and creates vapour that is inhaled. We only sell products that are designed as an alternative to smoking and not recreational substances. The deaths and illnesses in the USA are all centred around tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC (commonly found in marijuana) vaping, none of the products we sell are designed to be used in that way.

What has caused these issues?

Vitamin E Acetate is the main substance in question, this is an oil and does not vape properly. None of our liquids contain this ingredient and never will. The CDC is furthering their research everyday to evaluate the substances found in liquids used by those affected by this lung illness.

The CDC (centre for disease control) have a page on this illness with regular updates and advice. You can find that here on the CDC website.

What does this information mean to the vaping industry? 

At this stage, not much, education around vaping has always played a large part and we will continue to do that.

What does this mean for our customers in Australia?

That’s a difficult one, its pretty clear the Australian government aren’t a huge fan of vaping and now is as good of a time as any to write to your local or federal politician to let the know your views. Established vape advocacy bodies in Australia such as Legalise Vaping and ATHRA fight very hard for vapers to have fairer state and federal laws.

I have heard the phrase ‘Flavour Bans’ in the US and in New Zealand, what is that?

There was a concern that flavours other than tobacco and menthol are being aimed at children. This comes from the colourful packaging and candy like flavours however many of the manufacturers that we carry have changed packaging to be plainer and contain more warnings and information. None of the proposed bans would affect delivering of e-liquid in to Australia. 

Where can I find more information on this? 

Here are some news articles, reports and facts:

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