August 06, 2020 4 min read

With nicotine bans in Australia potentially coming into effect on the 1st of January 2021, now is the perfect time to learn how to mix nicotine base. Nicotine base lasts several years if stored correctly and is great for stockpiling.

This guide applies to both nicotine salts and traditional freebase nicotine. A lot of pre-made nicotine salt e-juices are much stronger, this can be confusing, here is an explanation of the differences between the two. For this guide though, the two can be interchanged.


Let’s start with safety before we even get close to opening the bottle:

  • Gloves, in high strengths nicotine, can be absorbed through the skin. Wear gloves and wash any skin that comes in contact with nicotine as soon as possible.
  • For storage, never leave your nicotine unattended near children. Store it in high, secure, dry and cold places, the freezer is generally the best location. Most nicotine is supplied in child proof bottles and labelled as poison, if possible do not change the packaging.
  • Strengths higher than 100mg are not advised, if you are using them, please take extra precautions like face protection, mask and protective eyewear.
  • Precision, this isn’t a time to eyeball, guesstimate or use ‘drops’ as a measurement. Single-use syringes with blunt tip needles are highly advised.
  • Never forget nicotine is a poison and always treat it as such.


What do you need?

  • Syringes, the smallest that you can use is the best. 1ml up to 10ml are the most common. Single-use syringes are advised to not contaminate your liquid.
  • Nicotine base, freebase is available here and salt nicotine is available here.
  • Some e-liquid of your choice.
  • Safety equipment.
  • A child and animal-free clean workspace.


The Nicotine Calculator

It can be found here


So, how does it work?

  • A- This is where you enter the strength of your Nicotine Base. If you purchased the nicotine base from us, enter 100 here.
  • B- The size of the bottle you are adding nicotine to. If you have already used some of the bottle, please take that into consideration that this will be less than the bottle size.
  • C- The desired amount of nicotine in milligrams (mg) that you want to add to the liquid. Example, if you have 0mg e-liquid and want to make it 6mg, this number will be 6. If you have 3mg e-juice but want to make it 12mg, this number will be 9.
  • D- This is automatically generated after filling out A, B and C. This is how many millilitres of your nicotine base to add to your bottle of e-liquid.
  • E- Adding an unflavoured liquid to a flavoured liquid will partially dilute the flavour. In most cases, it doesn’t matter too much. Most flavours will still be great at or above 85% strength. Below that, it might be a little weak.
  • F- Adding large amounts of nicotine can sometimes overfill the bottle. Most manufacturers leave 10-15mls of space in every bottle. More than that, it is advised to split the bottle or decant it into a larger bottle.


Now that we understand the basics, let’s get mixing!

Do your calculations using our calculator, once happy, make note of the result from above in step ‘D’. Get your PPE (personal protective equipment) on properly and clear a working space. Have some paper towels nearby, make sure pets and children won’t be able to bump or touch the area whilst mixing. Have your syringes out of the packaging and prepared with the blunt-tipped needle.

Before we open the nicotine base, we need to prepare the e-liquid, this can take a couple of tries to get right. Firstly, remove the outer cap which is most likely childproof by pushing down and twisting anti-clockwise. The next step is where most people get caught, there is another cap often referred to as a ‘nib’. You can get a specific tool next time you order from our sister company in Australia here. In a pinch, you can use the outer lid like this but can often send the nib flying so be careful!

Nicotine base should come with a childproof lid, remove this and any security seal underneath so that the opening to the bottle is completely unrestricted. Keeping your nicotine base in the freezer until the moment you need will increase shelf life, the less time it is out of the freezer, the less oxidization will happen.

Carefully draw the nicotine base into the syringe and deposit it into your selected e-liquid. Place the nib back on the bottle followed by the outer lid. Shake and shake and shake, this is incredibly important to make sure that the nicotine is really well mixed. Before each time you fill the tank, give it a shake again.

Place nicotine back in storage. Dispose of used syringes and PPE (these are single-use items). Leave mixed e-liquid to sit for 24 hours before use.

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