January 31, 2020 2 min read

Your ultimate guide to our rewards program


In mid to late 2019 we launched our rewards program with double points weekend, we had huge participation during this event. Since then, every $1 spent has gained you at least 10 points with even more coming from other goals, we have listed them below for you.


How to earn points


Creating an account – 100 points

This one is easy and free, all you need to do is sign up.


Refer a friend – 250 points

Got a friend into vaping? Give them your referral code and you get 250 points if they spend over $25, don’t worry, they also get points for each dollar they spend.


Happy Birthday – 150 points

Another year older? What better way to celebrate than with free points.


Goal Spend – 500 points

This one is great, not only do you receive free shipping AND the original amount of points, you will also get a bonus of 500 points.


Punch Card – 300 points

For every 3 purchases you make you get 300 bonus points.


Facebook share or Instagram follow – 50 points

Head over to social media and check us out. This one is easy and you can stay up to date on our newest products.


Yotpo Review – 50 points

Loved it or hated it, we want to know. Drop us some feedback by leaving a review on our site for bonus points.


Now, for the fun Part


So you’ve collected a lot of points and you’re ready to save some money, we have made the savings easy for you. Here are some of the discounts we offer. If you’re visiting this in the future, we are constantly expanding so check out the "My Rewards" page.


$10-50 – 1-5,000 points

That’s right, most people will be able to redeem a $50 voucher in only 4-5 orders!


Free DHL Express Shipping – 1800 points

Everyone loves super-fast shipping, it’s as quick as overnight to metro areas on the East coast (Melbourne and Sydney).


Confused on how to turn your points in to cold, hard money saving discounts?


Signed in to your account? Good, that’s step one.

Hit the “Earn Rewards” in the lower left corner of every page:

Now select the “Get Rewards”

Now the hard part, scroll through until you find the one you want and select it.

A pop up shows you in greater detail your choice, if you like it, you better put a ring on it or hit the “Redeem” button.

Hey presto! You have a discount code that can only be used on your account and doesn’t expire! Hit copy if you want it in your clipboard, highlight the code and manually save it or wait for it to come through by email.



Now you that you have your discount, how do you use it?


That’s easy, head over to the check out and once you get to the payment summary page, bang your discount code in the “Gift card or discount code” box and bob’s your uncle.


Any other questions? Drop us an email

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