10 August, 2021 2 min read

Do I need a prescription to import nicotine?

Short answer, yes, as of October 1st all orders going through Australian customs will need to have a prescription.


But how do I get a prescription?

Chat to your local GP. Nicotine can be prescribed like any other medication. Some GPs may be unaware of this or not up to date with the most recent changes at first but should be able to get up to speed with the changes. If you are still struggling to work on this with your GP, ATHRA, a vape advocacy group, lists some local doctors who are pro-vaping and are up to date. The great tool to find them is available HERE. https://www.athra.org.au/doctors/

You can obtain a prescription via Telehealth services. We recommend 

Quit Clinics:  Offering an online based consultancy prescription service that can be used to import from websites such as Wick and Wire Co New Zealand. Using code WK10 will get you 10% off your cost. To use Quit Clinics use the link here


How do I submit my prescription?

We are still working to introduce a way to capture your prescription during checkout and save it on file in a compliant manner. We obviously want this to be smooth as 0mg juice for our customer to avoid delays and inconvenience. Once this is ready, we will post it up and make sure it is working properly long before the 1st of October.

To learn how to upload your script [Click here...]


When is cut off?

Packages will need to pass customs by the 1st of October, we are working closely with both NZPost and DHL to release the cut off dates shortly. We expect the cut off to be a week or two before for NZPost and a few days for DHL.


Should I stock up like this is a pending doomsday?

We don’t believe so, get the convo started with your GP as early as possible and there should be no issues in the foreseeable future.


Is this the end of the road for vaping?

No, this is just another speed bump in the road. Originally, the proposed regulation changes were much stricter. Whilst the legislation coming in isn’t perfect in the eyes of a lot of vapers, this isn’t the end of vaping in Australia and in fact allows more GPs to recommend vaping use.