05 November, 2021 1 min read

Some of you may be playing a game of Where’s Wally looking for a yellow and red DHL logo. Unfortunately for now as of the 1st of November, DHL has been removed from our site.


As many of you know, the Australian Government introduced new legislation around nicotine vape products on the 1st of October. Whilst the legislation is easy enough to follow, DHL took it upon themselves to make nicotine importation harder as of the 1st of November. On top of the Government mandated prescription, further paperwork and restrictions were introduced were introduced by them, for them and unfortunately, it is no longer feasible to continue using DHL.


Well, enough about the problem, let’s get on to fixing this mess. We are currently testing some fast alternatives. One of the prime candidates have so far has shown us these excellent time frames:


Less than 3 days: 55% Delivered

Less than 4 days: 85% Delivered

Less than 5 days: 95% Delivered


That’s pretty solid, whilst it isn’t the overnight metro delivery we saw from DHL pre-COVID, it’s not bad. Stay tuned for now as we trial new methods to get your package to you fast, safe and without hassle!