26 March, 2020 2 min read

The short answer is yes we are shipping to Australia and New Zealand!


Update as of the 29th of April

New Zealand entered stage 3 lockdown on Monday the 27th at 11:59pm, this doesn't change much in an online business that was already essential. For our staff though, that means KFC and McDonalds are open for business again! We are still shipping daily and the couriers are still pushing very hard to achieve close to normal times.



Update as of the 7th of April

We have had some time to settle into Level 4 lockdown and find out what this means to us and to our customers.

You can still order as normal, we will still pack and send it to you and you will still receive it.

There are currently delays and will continue to be delays to each and every order due to this virus and the associated lockdowns both here in New Zealand and Australia. We have staff working 7 days a week to keep up with demand.

Delays are present across both DHL and NZPost, DHL is still much much faster for both metro and regional deliveries.

Couriers from all companies are risking their lives every day to achieve delivery as quick possible. One of the biggest obstacles is the lack of passenger aircraft both internally and internationally.

Thank you for your understanding at this time.




Previous update on 26th of March 

The longer answer is that here in New Zealand we have entered level 4, this is essentially complete lockdown with the exception of essential services. We are deemed as essential since we play a large role in supply chains, our customer support staff are working from home and we do not have customer interaction in our facility. DHL, New Zealand Post and Australia Post are essential services too. There has been a small delay this week however moving forward this will be cleared up and no longer an issue.


In the very unlikely event that further changes do happen to affect Wick & Wire Co New Zealand, we will make sure to let our customers know. The New Zealand Government also has a website devoted to country wide changes such as how businesses operate during these times, this can be found at covid19.govt.nz


Thank you reading this, it means a lot to us in this difficult time! It feels like every company is sending out daily emails on how they are dealing with COVID-19 so we will try to keep the necessary updates short and sweet.